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ANNILLA & The Childhood Dream

ANNILLA is the realisation of a Sneha Seth’s childhood dream.
The jewellery is designed with the demands and fast pace of modern life in mind. We want our customers to feel safe in the knowledge that they can put our jewellery on in the morning and forget about it, regardless of what the day holds. From the beach to the office, out for an afternoon gym session then off to dinner at your favourite restaurant - you can wear ANNILLA wherever life takes you.
Inspired by her father’s success in the clothing industry, a 2nd grade Sneha made a bold promise to herself - that she would one day own her own business in fashion. Sneha has launched ANNILLA – which is a high quality, yet affordable range of jewellery pieces that speak to both her sense of style and her eco-conscious mindset.

As a young Indian girl growing up in South Africa, Sneha dreamed of following in her father's footsteps and pursuing her dream of owning her own business. While others in her class cited 'princess' or 'astronaut' as their dream jobs, 2nd grade Sneha had her heart set on being a business woman and with the launch of ANNILLA Jewellery, that little girl's dreams were realised. Sneha's father, Anil, tragically passed away when Sneha was 10, but his legacy lives on through his children and the ANNILLA brand is a testament to the legacy he left behind.
From your morning swim, to an early meeting, then out for dinner at you favourite restaurant - your ANNILLA jewellery is with you all the way.
Ecological, expressive and expertly crafted, ANNILLA jewellery is a brand for the new normal.